Meatkitchen – Tel Aviv

Meatkitchen is one the place to be in Tel Aviv. In a modern brasserie atmosphere, you’ll enjoy a gastronomic experience where meat is the center of attention. Orchestrated by Chefs Nadav Natsar and Elad Levi, Meat Kitchen’s mission is to use its real savoir-faire to delight all carnivores.  This ambitious chef restaurant achieves culinary heights through its calm atmosphere and creative gastronomic menu.

Rabanut // Meat

Ygal Alon 65, Tel Aviv I 077 997 8996

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Resto – Tel Aviv

Located in Tel Aviv’s new business district next to the Fashion Mall, the Resto team has settled in the city that never sleeps. In his baggages, an ambitious menu that aims to make Tel Aviv one of the strongholds of kosher “bistronomie” ! Upon arrival, the decor is set with an Eiffel Tower to welcome you, just to remember the good old days and travel through the Parisian flavors. Beef Bourguignon, steak and hamburger are naturally part of the many specialties that will let you discover an authentic French culinary flavors. The cuisine keeps its promises with dishes to die for, a clean setting and a very friendly atmosphere that will leave you no choice but to have a great time ! Afterwork, lunch or dinner you will love it at any time !

Rabanut // Meat

Hashmonaim 105, Tel Aviv I 077 231 3174

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Le Bistrot Français – Tel Aviv

Let’s go to Paris for a gastronomic invitation to the “Bistrot Français”. The charming Nahalat Binyamin Street in the heart of the city that never sleeps looks Parisian to make you discover a must-see spot in the Telavivi culinary scene! The atmosphere and flavors are French with a rich menu to die for! Meat or fish Carpaccio, homemade foie gras, steak tartare and many other tasty dishes… enough to enjoy an experience of great chef in a bistro atmosphere. Not to be missed !

Rabanut // Meat

Nahalat Binyamin 49, Tel Aviv I 077 231 3617

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Dunya – Tel Aviv

There are some restaurant openings that would make you give the envy to change neighborhoods. This is the case of Dunya, the new Telavivi spot full of flavors and tastes that will make you crazy ! A cuisine which combines Israeli and Mediterranean flavors for one of the best high-end street-food in town ! You can enjoy dishes concocted by one of the most renowned Israeli chefs Meïr Adoni. Grilled pita, kebab, lamb burger, thina … to taste in a very warm atmosphere !

Rabanut // Meat

Ben Yehuda 89, Tel Aviv I 077 231 3621

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Rendez Vous – Tel Aviv

You love good adresses and you thought you already knew the best restaurants of Tel Aviv… We too, until we discover what could be your favorite restaurant, Rendez Vous, located in the heart of Neve Tsedek for the pleasure of Tel Aviv lovers. This chef restaurant offers an authentic Italian cuisine that challenges the boundaries of its traditional genre and a wide range of fish as well as a breakfast menu. The retro designer decor offers a cosy and warm atmosphere which makes Rendez Vous a privileged place for pleasure aficionados.

Rabanut // Dairy

Lilienblum 1, Tel Aviv (Neve Tsedek) I 077 996 9219

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Ewasafi – Tel Aviv

Situated in the picturesque quarter of Neve Tzedek, the newly opened Ewasafi caters to anyone seeking authentic home-style Moroccan cuisine at its finest. This culinary experience in a warm, cozy and welcoming atmosphere convey the tastes, aromas and colors of the authentic food of Casablanca. Ewasafi is already a great new addition to the kosher Tel Aviv dining scene.

Rabanut // Meat

Hashahar 8, Tel Aviv I 077 997 2779

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Kitchen by Greg – Tel Aviv

Located in the heart of Tel Aviv, it would be simplistic to define Kitchen by Greg as the unique kosher place in Sarona. Kitchen defines itself as a bistro, and like any bitro the menu is in line with best bistronomic references ! As much a pleasure for the eyes as for the palate, Kitchen is a really charming place with its designer setting and sunny terrace, ideal to enjoy its various and delicious specialties.

Badatz // Meat

Rav Aluf David Elazar 24, Sarona, Tel Aviv I 077 997 2073

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Carmen – Tel Aviv

Following the success of Rendez Vous in Neve Tsedek, the restaurant’s team decided to open a new establishment in Tel Aviv. If you want to rediscover Spanish specialties but don’t feel like travel overseas, Carmen’s the place for you ! This standout spot located in Lilienblum is Spanish cuisine’s most recent representative and it’s the best in Israel ! Step inside, and feel the Latin heat, as you take in the stunning decor, the aromas and flavors which will brighten up your eyes and your taste buds ! Their tapas and meats are worthy of the best bodegas in the Iberian Peninsula ! We’re waiting you in the patio for a delicious moment…

Rabanut // Meat

Lilienblum 24, Tel Aviv I 077 231 3599

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Armando – Tel Aviv

Armando, located on the famous Tayelet (Tel Aviv Promenade), will turn your dinner into a dinner party with its extensive selection of fresh fish, long list of wines, and majestic views of the sea. Come and discover this world where the pleasure of the eye and that of the palate melt into one! Vegetables l’Mehadrin and Glatt meat.

Rabanut // Meat

Herbert Samuel 88, Tel Aviv I 077 997 3059

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La Piazza – Raanana

La Piazza, real “Casa Italiana” welcomes you in Raanana in a cozy setting and a warm atmosphere to discover a rich and quality menu. Antipasti, pasta “al dente”, traditional pizza and delicious fresh fish with a wide selection of wine for a true moment of pleasure. For the icing on the cake, finish your meal with one of its stunning homemade pastries.Private events up to 120 people. Piano Bar live every Tuesday night

Lamehadrin // Dairy

Ben Gurion 5, Raanana I 053 941 8104

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Rimon – Jerusalem

One of Jerusalem’s great restaurants for over 60 years, those visiting the city must pray at the Kotel and eat at Rimon! Located in one of Jerusalem’s liveliest neighborhoods, Rimon is the ideal spot to have a pleasant meal in a warm atmosphere. With both a dairy and a meat section, diners at Rimon can have their pick! Furthermore, with a large menu containing cuisine from all over the world, there is certainly something for everyone. Come with family, friends, or even a date to enjoy the warm and cosmopolitan ambiance of Rimon!

Badatz // dairy – meat

Lunz 4, Jerusalem I 077 231 4951

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Waffle Bar – Tel Aviv

Come any time and take delight in Waffle Bar, featuring the number one waffles in Israel! Waffle Bar offers a menu full of delights and delicacies for the pleasure for its diners. If you like waffles, ice cream, pancakes, and desserts of any kinds, you will surely be happy ! Also featuring savory dishes, come and enjoy a good time with your family and friends.

Rabanut // Dairy

Ibn Gvirol 61, Tel Aviv I 077 231 9516

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Landwer – Netanya

Since 1919, Cafe Landwer, the result of a culinary tradition passed down with love, has refreshed our idea of fresh and quality cuisine made with painstakingly selected ingredients. Secret recipes in the service of healthy food is the mission of this Mediterranean cuisine that is sure to tickle your taste buds. Come and enjoy in Netanya an incredible sunny terrace facing the sea to enjoy a truly diverse menu that will surely offer you a moment of intense satisfaction.

Badatz // Dairy

Sderot Oved Ben Ami 10, Netanya I 077 997 1883

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Lehem Bassar – Netanya

Lehem Bassar, a Badatz Kosher restaurant invites you to discover its universe where meat and bread are king. Indeed, as soon as you arrive, the specialty breads will whet your appetite for the wide selection of exquisite flavored meats; Entrecôte steak, grilled fish, and chicken salad are just some of the options. Come spend a please afternoon or evening at Lehem Bassar, located in front of the sea in Netanya, and digest with a nice stroll on the promenade along the beach

Badatz // Meat

Sderot Oved Ben Ami 10, Netanya I 077 996 8583

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