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Best kosher restaurants in Israel

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Hungarian - Rabanut - Tel Aviv
Bistrot, Fish - Rabanut - Netanya
Event, Italian - Mehadrine - Tel Aviv
Bistrot, Brunch - Rabanut - Jerusalem
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Atmosphere of home, Event - Rabanut - Jerusalem
Japanese, Vegetarian - Rabanut - Tel Aviv
Asian, Japanese - Rabanut - Herzliya
Bar/restaurant, Bistrot - Rabanut - Jerusalem
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Atmosphere of home, Brunch - Rabanut - Tel Aviv
American, Beer - Mehadrine - Jerusalem
Brunch, Dessert - Rabanut - Tel Aviv
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Event, Mediterranean - Rabanut - Tel Aviv
Atmosphere of home, Grilled meat - Rabanut - Tel Aviv
Brunch, Dessert - Rabanut - Tel Aviv
Ideal for an event
Catering, Couscous - Mehadrine - Tel Aviv
Dessert, Event - Rabanut - Tel Aviv
Event, Grilled meat - Rabanut - Kfar Adumim
Bar/restaurant, Bistrot - Rabanut - Tel Aviv

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