Fish kitchen awaits you for an unforgettable culinary moment. Each dish is carefully prepared and offers fresh and high quality products. As a starter, enjoy a fish ceviche served with slices of green apple, cucumber tartare, chives, lime, mint, cucumber gazpacho, fresh cream, caramelized cashew nuts and basil oil. You will continue with a fillet of sea bream, chestnut cream, garlic tortellini, squash and pecan nuts. You will finish the meal with one of their delicious desserts such as cheesecake with salted caramel sauce, strawberries and yogurt ice cream or caramelized popcorn puffs. The restaurant offers a wide range of wine and spirits to accompany your meal. As you will have understood, Fish Kitchen is the ideal place for a romantic date, a friendly moment with friends or a private event.


After a long difficult period for restaurateurs, a bold restaurant has opened in Raanana in an Italian, classy and relaxed atmosphere. As soon as you arrive, you will be swept away by the elegant decor of the place with its golden moldings on the ceiling, its comfortable benches and its spring foliage hanging on the wall. As you will see, nothing is left to chance, right down to the carefully chosen colored mosaic plates. The menu will not leave you indifferent either, it will even be difficult for you to choose but the restaurant offers a clever solution “the pizza combination” presenting a half pizza accompanied by a refreshing Italian salad. With its open kitchen, you will enjoy the culinary spectacle of the chefs depositing the delicious burrata on a pizza, in a salad or even on a homemade focaccia fresh from the oven. We recommend the restaurant’s flagship starter, “panata frito”, small pads of fried mozzarella with a vinaigrette sauce, cherry tomatoes and basil. You can finish the meal with an excellent dessert and homemade juice on their pleasant terrace. Ivriani awaits you on Friday morning with a generous brunch, lunch with friends or in the evening for a romantic evening around their wide choice of alcohols.


The location
The idea is to re-interpret the Asian imaginary by conceiving this occidental speakeasy bar. MOOSHOO is boisterous, urbane and dynamic, a place where we live a feverish dream, where the extraordinary is coupled with the elegantly strange. It is a place reminiscent of a distant court of miracles (Cour des miracles), where night owls gather, where centuries-old Asian remedies are made out of plants and herbs, sold secretly under the counter and brewed into refined cocktails. The enigmatic MOOSHOO rules over a phantasmagorical universe, where in the manner of a street in Asia, we bump into a chef making dumplings in a makeshift kitchen, a seller of alcohol distilled from rice and a mixologist mastermind that bartends in his spare time. A hidden cocktail bar gem where the art of mixology reigns supreme, the whimsical bar will quench your thirst for discovery with unique cocktails.
The Product:
MOOSHOO is a wise dragon, a sort of Asian Dr. Jekill and Mr. Hide whose daring energy is expressed through his unique cocktails. Each cocktail is produced to heal, to make you feel better. Each cocktail has its own story, designed in close collaboration between our chefs and mixologists. The creative principle is to propose a combination of two unique recipes: the one contributes to the cocktail’s taste and the other compliments the dish’s flavours. At MOOSHOO the typical European cocktails intertwine with Asian traditions. Discover those great revisited classics that MOOSHOO proposes to mix with a designated dish, an exceptional creation combining aromas of delicate alcohol, flavours and ingredients prepared by our chefs.
The music: 
The DJ will play a unique set that will change according to the sounds and vibes, depending on the hour of the day.
The Design: 
MOOSHOO was designed to emulate the aesthetic tradition of Wabi Sabi, a Japanese world view centered on embracing imperfect and impermanent beauty and appreciating the integrity ingrained in decaying natural objects and processes. Staying true to the values of Wabi Sabi, MOOSHOO was designed as a laboratory of a genius and mad professor – haphazard, eclectic and decadent. The interior design involves elements inspired by MOOSHOO (Mushu 木梳 ) the luck dragon from Mulan – tapestries and wallpapers adorned with Asian dragons, Koi Fishes and Asian Tattoos by Jean Paul Gaultier, sculptures and a mesmerising array of patterns and vibrant colours
*Happy Hour from 7.00 pm until 8.30 pm : 1+1 on Cocktails + 20% on all the food menu


Why come to Chefchaouen?

  Welcome to Chefchaouen the new trendy place in the heart of Jerusalem. Address full of energy combining oriental and modern influences. The menu is an ode to Moroccan cuisine completely revisited by chef Kobi Kahlon who mixes current flavors for a very successful street food cuisine that fits in with the trend of the moment. In terms of decoration, be ready for a change of scenery reminiscent of the city of Morocco of the same name as the establishment (Chefchaouen) and which perfectly match with the cuisine full of flavors and colors!

Meat Kitchen

Meatkitchen is one of the best places to live in Tel Aviv! In this modern brasserie atmosphere, you will live a gastronomic experience where meat is the center of attention. Orchestrated by chef Nadav Natsar, the mission of Meat Kitchen is his son’s real skill to delight all carnivores. This ambitious chef restaurant reaches culinary heights thanks to its calm atmosphere and its creative gastronomic menu in a warm and designer setting. Come visit the new place of Namal with sea view!

Shmulik Cohen Restaurant

The Shmulik Cohen restaurant was founded in 1936 by Rivka, the mother of Shmulik Cohen. At that time, the kitchen was in charge of Shmulik and Carmela, his wife. Over the years, his daughter Tsipie has taken over the business. She was in the kitchen and had been running between tables since her childhood. As tradition dictates, Grandpa Shmulik and Mama Tsipie taught the next generation everything. Today, Tsipie and Tomer, the grandson, offer you a fusion between food and nostalgia. The elders will remember their mother’s cooking and the youngest will know Grandmother’s cooking. As for those who don’t know her …

At the table !!! We are committed to offering you the dishes of yesteryear, fresh today, a service like at home but impeccable, in our “little-big” restaurant! Tsipie & Tomer Bon appétit!


Why come to Sefora?

No, Japanese cuisine it’s not only sushi, sashimi and maki. Sefora, the latest Japanese restaurant on the 49th floor of the Azrieli Towers of Tel Aviv, offers you an experience worthy of the real “Izakaya”. In a designer setting, enjoy Japanese cuisine midway between Japanese tradition and modernity, where local and seasonal products are sublimated by ancestral working methods that have made the reputation of the Japanese culinary art. Come and have a short trip to Tokyo for a change of scenery guaranteed.