Every January, Haaretz does its annual roundup of the best restaurants and dishes in Jerusalem. This year, the restaurant dish of the year was awarded to Bet Anna Ticho for its homemade pappardelle with grilled fish with lemon butter sauce and herbs. If you haven’t tasted it, it’s worth making a trip to Anna, recently reopened in the heart of Jerusalem at Ticho House. Haaretz also named Anna the restaurant of the year.

Anna offers a unique concept with a perfect combination of beautiful location and high qualityItalian cooking. The Italian style dairy-kosher menu offers delicious dishes and an excellent service with moderate prices.For your event, enjoy a private room and a large porch. The garden surrounding the building is also available for events of 200 guests or less.

Book your table at the 077 230 6419. For more information visit https://beteavone.com/restaurant/anna/