Darna is an authentic Moroccan restaurant located in the heart of Jerusalem, in a magnificent building dating back over 200 years. This luxurious restaurant preserves the culture of Moroccan hospitality, both for its culinary excellence and for its welcoming atmosphere.

Enjoy a Special Moroccan Menu for Two

***ONLY 290₪***

2 first courses :

Pastilla Fassia (young cockerel, almond, sugar, cinnamon)


Fine Moroccan salads

2 main courses :

 1 Couscous* of your choice


1 Tajine* of your choice

*For couscous and tajine if you choose lamb = 30₪

 1 Dessert for two

Mint tea and a Dessert of Toubkal (pastry sheets with soya milk, cinnamon and almonds)

2 glasses of wine or 2 soft drinks


Offer valid until 28 March 2018

To be eligible introduce yourself as a Beteavone client

You will be seduced by the restaurant’s warm and moroccan flavor !

Don’t forget the adress:


Book your table by phone 077-997-4090 

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