Enjoy Hadayagim at the Yafo Port with a free glass of wine

Have a good time on the port of Yaffo at Hadayagim and receive a glass of wine !!

What’s more enjoyable than sipping a good wine accompanied by fresh salad and grilled fish watching the boats from the port of Yaffo ??? !!!

 This place, which has always been very popular since the Middle Ages, still provokes a charming charm to its passers-by. Yaffo which comes from the word yaffa “the beautiful” will amaze you by its historical side, oriental but modern at the same time.

 Beteavone invites you to have a full breakfast on Friday morning at Hadayagim (only 52sh.) And to discover the Shuk of Yaffo, the second-hand shops and the shops of artists in the vicinity.

By showing this coupon get a glass of wine when you arrive at the restaurant.

 Kashrut: Chatam Sofer

Thanks to the club also receive 2 desserts and a glass of wine per person for a table of 6 people. To see the offer and information about the restaurant: you have not yet registered, do not wait any longer and receive all our news and offers: To reserve, please call 077 230 6206