Enjoy a Special Menu for Two

***ONLY 190₪***

1 Starter of your choice for 2

‘Dutch Fries’ or ‘Mozarella Dips’

2 main dishes of your choice

‘Salty Crepe’ – ‘Toasted Laffa’ – ‘Salads’ – ‘Pizza’ – ‘Pasta’

(Crepe Salmon: extra charge 5₪)

1 dessert of your choice for 2

‘Waffle’ or ‘Sweet Crepe’

(not including: ‘Four Mini Mix’)

Drink of your choice

‘Beverage’ of your choice or ‘Hot Beverage’

(not including: ‘Milkshake’)


*for any other beverage, extra charge of the price displayed on the menu


Offer valid from November 1st until November 20 of 2018

To be eligible introduce yourself as a Beteavone client

Ibn Gvirol 61, Tel Aviv

Book your table by phone 077 231 9516 

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